Work Card Bundle


Can't decide which card to choose? Why not get six and have an option for every occasion with our Work card bundle?   Get 6 cards for £8 and save £4!   Multipack includes:     Ideas Meeting Appraisal: Cunts Upstairs Interview: Lap Dancing Desperate Business: Cambridge Interview: Texting Key Strategy Meeting  

Relationships Card Bundle


The Modern Toss take on love, marriage, and inevitable divorce. Save £4 and get 6 cards for £8! This relationship-themed card multipack includes: Relationships: Salsa Lessons Weekend: Fuck Ikea Weekend: Test Pot Bodywork: You/Me Time Weddings: Facebook Status Customer Services: Waste of Space

Decade Book Pre-order


A Decade in the Shithouse Pre-order - Release due September  This incredible collection will document the Modern Toss story from the very beginning, with 560 pages, nearly 2kg of classic cartoons, archive rarities, one-off exhibitions, unpublished artwork, out-of-print cartoons, interview excerpts and an exclusive director’s commentary throughout. Featuring all the Toss big guns: Mr Tourette, Drive-by Abuser, Business Mouse, Space Argument, Cheese...

Best of Work Book


 Modern Toss presents Best of Work Eighty pages of bang-on-the-nose cartoons set in the contemporary workplace, featuring the very best from the Modern Toss Work cartoon collection. An indispensable manual of job jokes, whether you've got a job, lost a job, or are just sitting around thinking about getting one. Includes brand new Work cartoons as well as choice selections from the comics, the More...

Work at the Weekend Card


Work at the Weekend Card “Can you come in at the weekend?” “I’ll come in but I’m not fucking doing anything”   Working at the weekend? Maybe this card will help.

Key Strategy Meeting Card


Key Strategy Meeting Card “First item, Peter would like to apologise for his absence, says he couldn’t be fucked.” Hone your business marketing plan with  this inspiring card. Or not, if you can't really be arsed. Either is good.

Before/After Internet Card


Before and After Internet Card Just look how far we've come. 

Narcissist Boss Card


Narcissist Boss Card   “Anyway, cheers for all your hard work and here’s a little something from me.”

Work Shit Meself Card


Work Shit Myself Card “If I shit meself can I go home?” The nuclear option for work avoidance. Save this one for when you really need it.

Total Disaster Shelf Card


Total Fucking Disaster in Shelf Card Thinking about putting up a shelf? Here's one way not to do it.

Bodywork You/Me Time Card


Bodywork You/Me Time Card “I want to book myself in for some ‘me time’” “We only do ‘you time’ is that gonna be ok?” Treat yourself by paying a stranger to groom you.

Tourette Shit Butler Card


Tourette Shit Butler   “Ahh Mr Tourette, I need a sign for my van, I offer a dog walking service for people who’ve got a dog but don’t really want one”   “Get your shit bag out, that one at the front smells like it’s about to pop.”   “How are you getting on? Oh for fucks sake”   “Cheers,...

Interest Rates Card


Cheese and Wine Interest Rates Card   “So, what do you think will happen to the  interest rate?”     “I couldn’t give a flying fuck”   Also available as a signed Giclee print.

Weekend Test Pot Card


Weekend Test Pot Card   “I fucking hate that colour.”   Welcome someone to their new home with  some harsh truths about how they'll be spending their weekends.

Wedding Facebook Status Card


Wedding Facebook Status Card “Do you take this man…” “Hang on mate, I’m just updating me relationship status.” That moment when modern technology makes you want to give up and live in a cave.

Ladies Alan Horse T-shirt


Fancy this stylish new t-shirt of Alan playing polo on a pink horse? Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm).100% Cotton. Made in the UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts Next day delivery not available.

Alan Horse T-shirt


A truly majestic depiction of everyone's favourite sociopath, Alan, playing polo on a pink horse. Doesn't get much classier than this.  Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm).100% Cotton. Made in the UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts. Next day delivery not available.