The Daily Toss (Click Here)

Get a fresh Modern Toss cartoon pumped straight into your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without you having to do anything except wake up and press a button.

Check out the vid on YouTube to see how it works


Sneezeman (Click Here)

AHHH…CHOO! For the first time ever, global cult cartoon phenomenon Sneezeman is running, jumping, racing, sneezing and bashing his way onto iOS in the incredible new adventure ‘Escape From Planet Sneeze’!

You’ll need to help Sneezeman run, jump, float, race and bash his way to safety at the end of each level as he tries to escape the clutches of the relentless sneeze cloud. On route you must also help him collect the medicine pills that’ll keep him in control and avoid a major attack of the sneezes…

Will you be quick enough to save Sneezeman?


Periodic Table of Swearing (Click Here) Android 

Let your finger do the swearing, the Modern Toss Periodic Table of Swearing App.

Swearing is the international language. Ever wondered why no one’s been bothered to turn it into a systematic grid based on the chemical elements then stuck it out as a talking app yet? Well now they have.

Fresh from Modern Toss, the groundbreaking design classic ‘Periodic Table of Swearing’ is a world of swearing accessed from the comfort of your own finger.