We've got some good news for those of you that like flies. Jon & Mick are currently working on a 3D animation based on the original Housefly cartoon from Comic 1. Shit is moving fast on this project and we will have an extensive fucking update next month.


If you've been hanging around the London Underground, you may have noticed some of our stuff up on the walls. "This commission with Atom represents our first ever bank job. We hope to learn something from these modern challengers and maybe one day break into the financial services market ourselves."

That's right, a brand new collection of Work jokes. This bang up to date selection explores some of the technological advances that have managed to make work even more shit than it was before. Get your copy here.

Contact for a discount code.


James Blunt Twitter Takedowns - The Guardian 21 September 2019.




Good work from FOMT International Cunt Circus member Stephen trying to use his ICC card to pay the bill at a restaurant in Rome. Nice try yeah? Apparently the waiter pictured here called him a 'bastardo' or something. We're still trying to work out what that means..


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