Modern Toss presents... The Best of Work

 Modern Toss Best of Work Book

Got a job? Lost a job? Just sitting around thinking what it might be like to have one? Whatever your employment situation, you are sure to be in need of the latest indispensable job joke manual from Modern Toss: The Best of Work



We've cherry-picked 75 bang-on-the-nose cartoons from our massively popular Work series for this definitive collection, summing up what it means to be a wage-slaving Modern Tosser. Recent shifts in technology have opened up huge new sinkholes of opportunity for contemporary job-dodgers - like fucking about on Twitter and calling yourself a 'community manager' - and the Modern Toss Work characters are at the cutting edge of contemporary office politics.



[WARNING: Contains language actually used in the workplace]

  • August 13, 2014
  • Jo Gatford
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