'A Decade in the Shithouse' Kickstarter Ends Friday at Midnight!

[Please note: Our Kickstarter campaign is now over - the book is fully funded and on its way to publication! Thanks to everyone involved. You can now buy A Decade in the Shithouse from the Modern Toss shop!]



Last chance to get your hands on limited edition shitnaks and rewards in our Kickstarter - it'll all be over on Friday at midnight. 

Pre-order the book and get an exclusive shitnak package for your trouble.

Less than 48 hours to go... help us boost our grand total to over £55,000 and we'll put together a shouting picture exhibition in London, full of artwork that yells obscenities at you when you press it. It's all about the interactive, immersive, multimedia sort of shit these days yeah? 

Cheers to everyone who's already pledged - we really appreciate it and we're working hard on getting the book finished as soon as possible. Here's a dummy version of the hardback and slipcase to give you an idea of just how massive this collection is going to be...




  • April 10, 2014
  • Jon Link
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