ONE DAY SALE on Royal Piss Goblets and Cloth Wipers

It’s been three years since the people of Britain gathered in the streets to eat crisps and watch non-stop televised coverage of Pippa Middleton's arse. To commemorate this historic occasion we’d like to offer you the chance to own some leftover royal wedding shit we’ve just found in a cupboard.

Get yourself an authentic Royal Piss Goblet or Royal Cloth for only £3.99! You can also win a set by entering our competition here(ends midnight 29th April).

The tea towel features a royal wedding street party subtly rebranded by Mr Tourette, while the mug includes a poetic tribute to Wills & Kate by Drive-by Abuser:

Alright, you a bone china 

commemorative piss goblet yeah?

got people licking tea out of you

and thinking about the happy couple? 

alright for some innit

what you gonna do if they split up?

get dumped in the shed

and filled up with old screws 'n' shit?

welcome to the real world mate

see ya 'round yeah, cheers
  • April 29, 2014
  • Jon Link
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