Modern Toss Shouting PIcture exhibition - make it happen, yeah?


There are only THREE days to go on our Kickstarter campaign and we’ve more than doubled our original target! Help us get to £55K and we’ll be able to make a bunch of mental interactive sound pictures for an exhibition in London in September. That's right: a room full of swearing pictures that shout stuff at you like “PLANT’S ARSEHOLE” if you touch them. Sounds like great day out yeah?

The extra cash will cover design and production costs, and enable us to offer a wider range of artwork for sale at the exhibition, so pre-order the book if you haven’t already, or grab one of our other limited edition shitnaks and pledges before they disappear forever...


[Please note: our Kickstarter campaign is now finished but you can buy a copy of A Decade in the Shithouse here]


  • April 08, 2014
  • Jon Link
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