Almost there...

Two days in and we're nearly at our Kickstarter target

Huge thanks to everyone who's pledged and shared our campaign. Some rewards are already sold out, but there are still plenty of book pre-orders available along with other exclusive Modern Toss shitnaks and limited edition items.

If you're feeling a bit fancy, get yourself an Executive Shitbox version of the new book, complete with its own numbered and signed slipcover. There are only about 20 left on offer so grab one before they're gone. The first thousand Tossers to pre-order the book will get their name printed in a special credits page at the back of the collection, and everyone who pledges will get their name on the 'Friends of Modern Toss' page of our website.



Once we hit our goal we'll be adding in extra pledges and start heading for stretch goals, so keep checking back for new updates yeah?



[Please note: our Kickstarter campaign is now finished but you can buy a copy of A Decade in the Shithouse here]

  • March 15, 2014
  • Jon Link
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