Get a Personalised Insulting Modern Toss Sketch

Fancy a kick in the nuts from your favourite Modern Toss characters? Grab one of our bonus Kickstarter pledges and we'll send you a sketch of Mr Tourette, Gerry (from Cheese & Wine) or Drive-by Abuser personally insulting you. 

Head over to our Kickstarter campaign and choose BONUS PLEDGE 2 to get one of these unique and confidence-smashing pieces of artwork, signed and stamped by the artists. 



And if you would rather insult someone else then why not opt for a year's supply of Modern Toss greetings cards with BONUS PLEDGE 3? For your trouble you'll receive 70 individual Modern Toss card designs which can be applied to every possible situation: fucking up an interview, a messy divorce, an alcoholic's birthday, and many more. Includes the entire Modern Toss card collection currently in print. With cartoons featuring Mr Tourette, Cheese & Wine, Home Clubber, Stroller, and a variety of other characters, all your favourite Toss moments can be found in this bumper pack of cards.



Only 9 days to go to pre-order the book and get your name printed in the back as a 'Friend of Modern Toss' so get in there yeah


[Please note: Our Kickstarter campaign has now finished but you can buy a copy of A Decade in the Shithouse here.


[Please note: our Kickstarter campaign is now finished but you can buy a copy of A Decade in the Shithouse here]


  • April 02, 2014
  • Jon Link
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