Alan Horse T-Shirt

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Alan Horse T-Shirt in White A truly majestic depiction of everyone's favourite sociopath, Alan, playing polo on a pink horse. Doesn't get much classier than this.    Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm). 100% Cotton. Made in the UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts.

Alan T-Shirt


Alan T-shirt What's he running from? Where's he running to? All we know is somewhere, someone's shouting "you wanker!" at him.   Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm) and Extra Large (60cm) 100% Cotton. Made in UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts.  

SIGNED Best of Work Book


Best of Work Book - SIGNED COPIES ONLY Eighty pages of bang-on-the-nose cartoons set in the contemporary workplace, featuring the very best from the Modern Toss Work cartoon collection. An indispensable manual of job jokes,whether you've got a job, lost a job, or are just sitting around thinking about getting one. Includes Work cartoons as well as choice selections from...

Bit More Specific T-Shirt


Mr Tourette - Bit More Specific T-Shirt You’re going to have to be a bit more specific, yeah?   Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm). 100% Cotton. Made in UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts.  

Bored as Arseholes Coaster


"I see from your afternoon tweet that you’re 'bored as fucking arseholes" “yeah cheers, I didn’t know you were following me”  

Brighton Fringe 2004


Brighton Fringe 2004 Giclee Print This was the cover of the Brighton Festival Fringe brochure in 2004. “what it is?”“it’s a seagull, I did it with a spade” Signed giclee print. Limited blind stamped edition of 100. Dimensions: 42cm x 59.4cm.  

Periodic Table of Swearing Socks


The Periodic Table of Swearing is an acknowledged 21st century design classic and now, thanks to advances in weaving technology, is available to wear on your feet as a pair of socks. Contains 14 handpicked swear elements beautifully knitted into this classic argyle style design. Mens shoe size 7-11 80% Cotton 19% Polyamade 1% Elastane

Working Day Lie Down Card


Working Day too much? Have a drink and a lie down.

Working Day Meeting Card


Morning catch up meeting, I'll listen in for a bit - once I know what they're talking about I'll try and say something.

Working Day Walk Around Card


I look permanently busy if I walk around holding a pen and a bit of paper.

Working Day Train Twitter Card


I follow the train operator on Twitter and am able to directly call them arseholes when my service is disrupted.

Weekend National Trust Walk Card


I am on a recommended National Trust public walk, I see someone has hung a bag of dog shit from a tree.