Cup Cake Mallet Card


Cup cake stalls are not everyone's cup of tea. Fair enough.

Jetty Zen Kick Card


Beautiful surroundings and chilled out zen vibe for this Birthday message.

Go For It Yeah Card


"Happy Birthday - Go For It Yeah!" Boost a friend's body image with this encouraging Stroller birthday card.

Moody Cunt Card


"Happy Birthday You Moody Cunt" Send many happy returns of the day to the moody cunt in your life. Enough said.

Beer In Bed Card


"On Your Special Day" Celebrate someone's birthday by bringing them a beer in bed. And this Stroller card. Sorted.

Milestone Birthday Card


"do you want to do anything for your milestone birthday coming up?" "no I fucking don't"

Birthday Present Card


"didn't I give this to you for Christmas?" "yeah I didn't like it, happy birthday"

Borrow 20 Quid Card


"Dad can I borrow 20 quid to get you a birthday present?" "How about I just keep the 20 quid?" "That works for me, happy birthday yeah!"

Birthday Day Off Card


"I see you've applied for a day off on your birthday" "yeah, imagine being stuck in this shithole on your birthday" An apt birthday card for a colleague, employee, boss, or anyone who's used up all their holiday time and are feeling sorry for themselves.  

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