Mystery Box


Modern Toss Mystery Box Got a load of shit you wanna get rid of yeah? Charging a fiver for it as well are ya? I wouldn't have the fucking nerve. See you around yeah!                                  Contents well worth over 20 quid!          ...

Premium Mystery Box


Modern Toss Premium Mystery Box Making another Mystery Box yeah? Ramping it up to a tenner as well? Might as well stick the word Premium in biro on the front 'n all. Why not, it's your life!  Contents well worth over 30 quid!                                      ...

Classic Toss Card Bundle


10 classic Modern Toss cards for £7. That's just 70p a card! This bundle includes: Play to Win Card Smoking Aerobics Card Bodywork You/Me Card Last Orders Card Smells Like Money Card C&W Real Ale Card C&W Hug Card Busiest Week Card Successful Idea Card Bored as Arseholes Card   When they're gone, they're gone!

Mr. Tourette Card Bundle


All 7 Mr Tourette cards for £7! This is what's included: Shit Butler Card Commuter Mood Card Shithole Business Card Cash Rapists Card Sex Tourists Card Whore Card What Are You? Card When they're gone, they're gone.

Stroller Card Bundle


6 classic Stroller cards for £6! Do What You Want Card Go For It Yeah Card Play To Win Card Visualise Your Goal Card Special Dustbin Card Sorry You're Leaving Card  When they're gone, they're gone!