Cambridge Card


Desperate Business - Cambridge Card   "and I see here you went to Cambridge." "yeah I had to drop something off for someone. I was back by half six."   Perfect your interview technique with this Desperate Business greetings card.   For the full Desperate Business collection click here.  


Desperate Business Book

£7.99 £4.99

Desperate Business Book Laugh in the face of global economic meltdown and double dip recession with Desperate Business, a hilarious collection from cult satirical cartoonists Modern Toss. Sixty-four pages of laugh-out-loud, cutting edge gags plucked fresh from their regular slot in Britain's greatest magazine, Private Eye. Celebrate our national entrepreneurial spirit with this must-have humour compendium.

Successful Idea Card


Desperate Business - Successful Idea Card   "Here's an idea, why don't we just do stuff that's going to be really massively successful?"   Why think outside the box, when you don't have to think at all?   Also available on a notebook, coaster and risograph print. 


Webcam Card

£2.25 £1.00

Desperate Business - Webcam Card   “We’re exploring new business opportunities. Carry on with the accounts but every time that red light comes on slip your top off.”   On the lookout for a new revenue stream?