Fathers Day Doing Anything Special Card


Fathers Day Doing Anything Special Card   "doing anything special for Father's Day?" "yeah I thought I might sit on the toilet and read the paper"  

Fathers Day Sperm Donor Card


Fathers Day Sperm Donor Card "blimey, you've got a lot of Father's Day cards" "yeah I used to be a sperm donor, I only went in there once"

Fathers Day Borrow £20 Card


Fathers Day Borrow £20 Card "Dad can I borrow 20 quid to get you a Father's Day present?" "How about if i just keep the 20 quid?" "That works for me, Happy Father's Day yeah!"

Beer In Bed Card


"On Your Special Day" Celebrate someone's birthday by bringing them a beer in bed. And this Stroller card. Sorted.


Play To Win Card

£2.25 £1.00

"You Play To Win" A Stroller card for the discerning sportsman.

Special Day Dustbin Card


It's your special day. Sit around, have a little walkabout, drink some beer and honk your guts up into a dustbin. Classic.  

Do What You Want Card


"It's Your Special Day - Do What You Fucking Want With it Yeah" A Stroller greetings card that captures the true spirit of celebration days: watching TV and doing fuck-all.

Weekend TV Controls Card


Too fucked to get the TV controls? So you're just going to have to sit through this Sunday night costume drama then! Also works with Poldark.