Milestone Birthday Card


"do you want to do anything for your milestone birthday coming up?" "no I fucking don't"

Classic Toss Card Bundle


10 classic Modern Toss cards for £7. That's just 70p a card! This bundle includes: Play to Win Card Twitter Symptoms Card Smoking Aerobics Card Customer Services Book Card Bodywork You/Me Card Last Orders Card Smells Like Money Card C&W Real Ale Card C&W Hug Card C&W Interest Rates Card When they're gone, they're gone!

Working Day Lie Down Card


Working Day too much? Have a drink and a lie down.

Work Team Player Card


"hi sorry I'm late, I couldn't be fucked to get here any quicker"

Segway Bat Card


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taken from the Mindless Violence Colouring Book

Moody Cunt Card


"Happy Birthday You Moody Cunt" Send many happy returns of the day to the moody cunt in your life. Enough said.

Punctuation Apostrophe Business Card


"How's the old apostrophe business?" "Yeah bit quiet. Had a false call out for a carrot sign last night. Greengrocer thought he needed a possessive, turned out he was after a straight plural."

Ideas Meeting Card


"don't think about it, just say it" "Fuck you" Dream meeting scenario.

Chill Out Yeah Card


"how much is your meditation course?" "80 quid" "well that's fucking wound me right up for a start"