Decade Book

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A Decade in the Shithouse - 2nd Edition FOR A LIMITED TIME 25% OFF!   'The Best Book Ever' -  The Sunday Times Style Magazine 'You will shit yourself laughing.' - The Idler 'Already a contemporary cartoon classic.' - The Guardian 'No one captures the frustrations of modern British life more acutely, or scurrilously, than Modern Toss.' - The Independent  ...

Mindless Violence Colouring Book


Mindless Violence Colouring Book Achieve a mindful state as you colour in these adrenaline-soaked scenes of mindless violence, created for you by a dedicated team of plain clothes therapists. Experience an overwhelming sense of inner peace as you immerse yourself and your pencils in a world of detail and surprises, including: a man bending a lamppost; a woman setting about a fruit tree with a...

The Working Day Colouring Book


The Working Day Colouring Book The Working Day colouring book captures the essence of the contemporary workplace while offering you the opportunity to express yourself through the relaxing medium of colouring in. Take some well-earned chill time and immerse yourself in the fractal complexity of a man flagging an important email, someone taking an afternoon Malteser break, a group of workers looking at meal deal options in...

Rainbow Shit Scribblers


Double Ender Rainbow Shit Scribbler Set The first major breakthrough in pencil technology for many decades. Our ‘Double Ender Rainbow Shit Scribblers’ come in a pack of 12; that’s 24 colours, each with their own unique descriptive name such as: Universal Urine, Colon Sunset, and Supermarket Mince. Combine with our new colouring books, Mindless Violence and The Working Day for the full colouring experience -...

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 9


NEW Comic 9: 'Fucking Arseholes Anonymous' Comic 9 is a 64-page collection including brand new classic cartoons from Cheese & Wine, Work, Drive-by Abuser, and Customer Services. Plus new appearances from Bacon Cancer, Quiet Zone, Towel Sculptor and Random Fucking Internment Camp.    

Ideas Meeting Mug


Idea Meeting Mug   "don't think about it, just say it." "fuck you."   Comes in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter.   Available in a set with the Work at Weekend Mug here. The Ideas Meeting cartoon can also be found as a greetings card, poster, magnet and much more here.

Work at Weekend Mug


Work at Weekend Mug "can you come in at the weekend?" "I'll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything."   Comes in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter.   Available in a set with the Ideas Meeting mug here. The Work at the Weekend cartoon can also be found on a greetings card.

Work is Shit Bag


Le Travail C'est La Merde Bag (Work is Shit) Cart around your work stuff in this statement cotton shopper and hope your boss doesn't speak badly-translated French.   Screen printed 38x42cm long-handled natural cotton bag. The 'Work is Shit' design is also available on a t-shirt and limited edition print.