Classic Toss Card Bundle


9 classic Modern Toss cards for £6.5. That's just over 70p a card! This bundle includes: Play to Win Card Twitter Symptoms Card Invisible Arseholes Card Smoking Aerobics Card Space Argument Card Customer Services Book Card Bodywork You/Me Card Last Orders Card Smells Like Money Card When they're gone, they're gone!

Cheese & Wine Card Bundle


The full set of Cheese & Wine cards for £4. Bargain! Here's what's included: Gerry Hug Card Real Ale Card Interest Rates Card When they're gone, they're gone!

Mr. Tourette Card Bundle


All 8 Mr Tourette cards for £7.50! This is what's included: Shit Butler Card Commuter Mood Card Shithole Business Card Cash Rapists Card Sex Tourists Card Whore Card What Are You? Card Horse Fucking Service Card When they're gone, they're gone.

Health Monitor Card


"how you getting on with your health monitor wristband?" "yeah, I've found I'm getting much better results since I stuck it on the dog"

Work Robot Card


"I'm worried about the effects of new technology on my work prospects" "Don't panic, we offered your job to a robot and he didn't want it"

Work Impressive Reference Card


"very impressive reference" "cheers, I wrote that"

Work Team Player Card


"hi sorry I'm late, I couldn't be fucked to get here any quicker"

Customer Services Piss Myself Card


"this drink I bought off you, made me piss myself"

Monday Morning Wine Card


"excuse me, what wine would you recommend for a monday morning?"

Sign Don't Turn Up Card


"Do you do a 'Sign Up, Don't Turn Up' Package?"

Work Retox Clinic Card


"I can't come back to work this week, I've had to book myself in the retox clinic"

Hacked Bank Account Card


"what makes you think your account has been hacked?" "'cos there's some money in it?"

Company Calendar Card


"what's all these photos of you naked?" "just letting you know what I've got if you need to do a company calendar"

Generation Arsehole GCSE Card


"I normally home tutor for maths GCSE" "we just want you to train home not to piss all round the toilet seat"

Segway Bat Card


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taken from the Mindless Violence Colouring Book

Punctuation Can't be Fucked Card


"People used to use me to partially obscure swearwords, but it seems like they can't be fucked anymore" "luck of the draw mate, I was long term unemployed until some bloke invented email"

Punctuation What Do You Do Card


"And what do you do?" "Traditionally, I indicate an elaboration of something that were just before me, but since texting came along I've been doing a lot of work with the old end bracket here" "Yeah we've been run off our feet lately, people can't leave us alone"

Punctuation Apostrophe Business Card


"How's the old apostrophe business?" "Yeah bit quiet. Had a false call out for a carrot sign last night. Greengrocer thought he needed a possessive, turned out he was after a straight plural."

Punctuation Speech Marks Card


"Not often we get the chance to chat without a load of speech getting in the way" "Actually I'd be better be off, got a last minute job indicating an omitted character in a word somewhere"

Punctuation Paris Hat Card


"I love your hat" "thanks, I picked it up in Paris"

Punctuation Legal Problems Card


"Better be careful where we stand I dont want any legal problems"

Stroller Card Bundle


6 classic Stroller cards for £6! Do What You Want Card Go For It Yeah Card Play To Win Card Visualise Your Goal Card Special Dustbin Card Sorry You're Leaving Card  When they're gone, they're gone!

Coloured in Card Bundle


6 of the new Coloured in Card range for £7!  Weekend TV Controls Weekend Parents on Landline Weekend Too Early Working Day Clear My Mind Working Day Twitter Working Day Walk Around When they're gone, they're gone!


Narcissist Boss Card

£2.25 £1.00

"Anyway, cheers for all your hard work and here's a little something from me"