Mystery Box


Modern Toss Mystery Box Got a load of shit you wanna get rid of yeah? Charging a fiver for it as well are ya? I wouldn't have the fucking nerve. See you around yeah!                                  Contents well worth over 20 quid!          ...


Work Wrapping Paper

£2.99 £1.50

NOW HALF PRICE! Get your shit-naks all wrapped up with this limited edition Work Wrapping Paper featuring a range of Work cartoons. Pack of 2 sheets, folded flat. Dimensions: 489mm x 692mm


Work Bored T-Shirt (Small)

£25.00 £17.50

Work Bored T-Shirt "I think I'll go home, I'm a bit bored"    Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm). 100% Cotton. Made in UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts.   See our new and improved returns system here.

Mr. Tourette Card Bundle


All 7 Mr Tourette cards for £7! This is what's included: Shit Butler Card Commuter Mood Card Shithole Business Card Cash Rapists Card Sex Tourists Card Whore Card What Are You? Card When they're gone, they're gone.

Classic Toss Card Bundle


10 classic Modern Toss cards for £7. That's just 70p a card! This bundle includes: Play to Win Card Smoking Aerobics Card Bodywork You/Me Card Last Orders Card Smells Like Money Card C&W Real Ale Card C&W Hug Card Busiest Week Card Successful Idea Card Bored as Arseholes Card   When they're gone, they're gone!

Work Card Bundle


Cards from our best selling collection as a bundle, at more than half price! Here are the Work cards included: Work Bi-Lingual Card Lap Dancing Card Webcam Card Narcissist Boss Card Work Bored Card Pencil Twitter Card 6 Months Off Card When they're gone, they're gone!

Coloured in Card Bundle


6 of the new Coloured in Card range for £7!  Weekend TV Controls Weekend Parents on Landline Weekend Too Early Working Day Clear My Mind Working Day Twitter Working Day Walk Around When they're gone, they're gone!

Stroller Card Bundle


6 classic Stroller cards for £6! Do What You Want Card Go For It Yeah Card Play To Win Card Visualise Your Goal Card Special Dustbin Card Sorry You're Leaving Card  When they're gone, they're gone!


Stroller Postcard Set

£10.99 £5.99

Stroller Postcard Set Ever thought about sending your boss a postcard featuring him being serviced from behind by a cart horse? Well you can now, thanks to this surreal and highly collectable Stroller postcard set. Stick ‘em on your wall or reach out and touch a friend with this selection of beautifully-crafted designs celebrating some totally unique and magic moments....


Protest Poster - No Yeah?

£8.50 £4.25

Protest Poster - No Yeah? Thinking about having a go at someone about something, but not sure where you’re coming from? Try sticking one of these multi purpose protest posters on yer wall! Dimensions: A2


Desperate Business Book

£7.99 £3.99

Desperate Business Book Laugh in the face of global economic meltdown and double dip recession with Desperate Business, a hilarious collection from cult satirical cartoonists Modern Toss. Sixty-four pages of laugh-out-loud, cutting edge gags plucked fresh from their regular slot in Britain's greatest magazine, Private Eye. Celebrate our national entrepreneurial spirit with this must-have humour compendium.


Weekend Parents on Landline Card

£2.25 £1.00

One of our parents is trying to call us on the landline. Anyone going to answer?