Modern Toss Comic - Issue 10 SIGNED


BOGOF ON COMICS THIS WEEKEND ONLY - APPLIED AT CHECKOUT Comic 10: 'Shit for Brains' - Signed by Jon & Mick Introducing the 10th comic from Modern Toss - a brand new 64-page collection of single panel jokes covering a range of topics from retail to relationships and featuring classic cartoons from all the favourites: Work, Cheese & Wine and Awkward...

Xmas Mood Book SIGNED


15% OFF THIS WEEKEND ONLY - APPLIED AT CHECKOUT Christmas Mood Book - Signed by Jon & Mick Eighty pages of seasonal cartoon excellence! Contains a hand-picked selection of our greatest festive hits, trussed up in one bumper blowout book. Includes new cartoons!

SIGNED Drive By Book


15% OFF THIS WEEKEND ONLY - APPLIED AT CHECKOUT NEW SIGNED! Hardback Collection of Drive By Abuser Poetry, happily tackling any subject in the world and making some sense of it. Alright? Thumbing through a book yeah? Admiring its epic sweep? Must be a classic. I should know, I fucking wrote it.

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