Horse Piss Premium Pilsner Lager - 330ml - 4.2% vol - 1.4 UK Units

'Horse Piss' was an instant classic and has been re-sampled for a second batch. The majestic graphics have been shit tweaked for this special occasion (30% bigger horse on the front.) This refreshing pale craft lager is made using the best German malt, hops and yeast and has undergone an extra cold conditioning period to provide an even smoother drink.

Space Stout - 330ml - 4% vol - 1.3 UK Units

'Space Stout' is a smooth dark, full bodied craft stout with rich roasted barley malts, inspired by the incompetent Toss moon technicians 'Space Argument.' This seasonally appropriate drink is perfect to help you through the reduced daylight hours of late 2018. You're staring into the black hole of Christmas without it, get it now yeah. Goes well with a mince pie and a brazil nut.
Both brewed in Sussex by award winning Goldmark Craft Beers. Serve chilled after it's built up a cold sweat in the fridge. 
Drink responsibly yeah. You have to be over 18 to buy this stuff.