We're currently recruiting new Tossers for the International Cunt Circus

Here's what's on offer: 

Welcome pack:

  • A personalised FOMT certificate to frame on your wall and let your guests know just how much of a Tosser you are
  • An impressive PREMIUM plastic membership card with 'International Cunt Circus' embellished in some fancy gold shiny shit with your name manually embossed by the Chief Embosser at Toss Towers.  
  • An A2 folded FOMT posterzine, containing new cartoons and hardcore experimental shit
  • A unique signed A5 Risograph print (worth 30 quid)
  • An incredible exclusive FOMT badge to prove top Tosser status
  • Plus some mystery stuff chucked in from things we find underneath piles of shit in the office

Digital shit:

  • Members' login with an dedicated 15% off discount code to spend in our shop, anytime day or night
  • Access to members' only pages and archive print sales
  • Ongoing exclusive monthly FOMT emails, with updates on any new shit that’s going on and new cartoons

Birthday card:

  • A special members' only Modern Toss birthday card including a small surprise, hand-delivered by your local postman

WARNING: For really dedicated Tossers only


Please note: Not available for Next Day Delivery


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