Best of Work Book


 Modern Toss presents Best of Work Eighty pages of bang-on-the-nose cartoons set in the contemporary workplace, featuring the very best from the Modern Toss Work cartoon collection. An indispensable manual of job jokes, whether you've got a job, lost a job, or are just sitting around thinking about getting one. Includes brand new Work cartoons as well as choice selections from the comics, the More...

Decade Book Pre-order


A Decade in the Shithouse Pre-order - Release due late September  This incredible collection will document the Modern Toss story from the very beginning, with 560 pages, nearly 2kg of classic cartoons, archive rarities, one-off exhibitions, unpublished artwork, out-of-print cartoons, interview excerpts and an exclusive director’s commentary throughout. Featuring all the Toss big guns: Mr Tourette, Drive-by Abuser, Business Mouse, Space Argument,...

Desperate Business Book


Desperate Business Book   Laugh in the face of global economic meltdown and double dip recession with Desperate Business, a hilarious collection from cult satirical cartoonists Modern Toss. Sixty-four pages of laugh-out-loud, cutting edge gags plucked fresh from their regular slot in Britain's greatest magazine, Private Eye. Celebrate our national entrepreneurial spirit with this must-have humour compendium.

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 8


Modern Toss Comic - Issue 8 All hail the long-awaited eighth issue of the Modern Toss comic: ‘Route One Bollocks’. Sixty-four pages of stripped down, single panel, laugh out loud cartoons. Includes new classics from Drive-by Abuser, Work, Cheese & Wine and debut strips from Casual Labour, Priority Pervert and Legal Highz. 

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 7


Modern Toss Comic - Issue 7 The seventh comic in a highly irregular series banged out by cult cartoon swearmasters Modern Toss. Featuring all your favourites in it, including pathological party chit chat from Cheese & Wine, Mr Tourette's unique take on cupcake entrepreneurs, and demented scamp Alan who, this time round, empties an improvised shitpipe on an arts festival.  ...

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 5


Modern Toss Comic - Issue 5 Issue 5 of the Modern Toss comic - full of classic foul-mouthed cartoons and cult favourites like Mr Tourette master signwriter, Home Clubber, Cheese & Wine, and Desperate Business. Described as 'irresistibly nihilistic' by The Daily Telegraph who should fucking know a thing or two about that.   

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 6


Modern Toss Comic - Issue 6 Modern Toss Issue 6 - the comic equivalent of poking modern life with a sharp stick. This paperback collection features Modern Toss classics such as Mr Tourette, Fly Talk, and Alan, along with previously unseen strips like Experimental Greetings Cards.  

The F***yeux Tapestry Book


The F***yeux Tapestry Book   This souvenir book celebrates The F***yeux Tapestry, a historic cartoon snapshot created in 6 hours at Somerset House in London on the 28th April 2013. The F***yeux Tapestry holds the record for the longest cartoon to contain the word "fuck" and was draw on one continuous roll of paper by Modern Toss and some other people...

Work Book


Sold Out! Sixty-four bang-on-the-nose cartoons about the contemporary workplace – many of them never seen before.

More Work Book

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More Work BookEveryone’s doing more work these days to stay ahead of the game, and we’re no exception. This hilarious second helping of work cartoons by Modern Toss includes sixty-four bang-on-the-nose cartoons about the contemporary workplace. Whether you've already got a job or are simply sitting around wondering what it might be like to have one, this indispensable job joke...

Drive-by Collected Thoughts

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SOLD OUT The first collection of poetical works by the Drive-by Abuser. Collected Thoughts is a treasure trove of half-baked musings from the maestro of the moped. A beautifully hand-stitched slim volume of vast cultural significance that makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who can read. Illustrated throughout with an HB pencil.  

Another Book

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Another Book is the second superb collection of cheerfully offensive jokes from the demented world of cult cartoonists Modern Toss. The familiar cast of misguided idiots - Mr Tourette, Alan, Drive-By Abuser - are joined by a new bunch of fools keen to take a pop. Skilfully harvested from issues 3 and 4 of the comic (now both out of...

Orange Book

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SOLD OUT! Paperback version of the Modern Toss Book originally released in 2004. Content includes cartoons from issue 1 and 2 of the comics.

Home Clubber

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All You Can Eat Of – Home-Clubber! SOLD OUT! Welcome to the world of Home-Clubber, the cut-price Giro philosopher whose ill informed musings and half baked ideas have appeared in The Guardian Guide every Saturday since he finally got out of bed in 2004. Now in one indispensable volume the armchair bound, council-bothering prince of nonsense refills a fresh tumbler of...

Modern Toss Comic Issue 4

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Modern Toss issue 4 NOW SOLD OUT Keep bang up to date with it.  

Modern Toss Comic Issue 3

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Modern Toss issue 3 SOLD OUT The stink of excellence in a world gone tits up.

Modern Toss Comic Issue 2

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Sit back and enjoy all the early classics .. ! NOW SOLD OUT

Modern Toss Comic Issue 1

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Modern Toss issue 1 Sit back and enjoy all the early classics .. ! NOW SOLD OUT