ADVANCE Drive By Book PLUS Sticker


NEW! Hardback Collection of Drive By Abuser Poetry, happily tackling any subject in the world and making some sense of it. Alright? Thumbing through a book yeah? Admiring it's epic sweep? Must be a classic. I should know, I fucking wrote it. ADVANCE ORDERS come with FREE Drive By Sticker and FREE UK shipping. To be delivered by mid-October.

ADVANCE Toss Desktop Calendar 2021


Modern Toss Desktop Calendar 2021 THIS IS AN ADVANCE ORDER TO BE DELIVERED END OF SEPTEMBER The formidable A5 Desktop Calendar has returned fresh to the Modern Toss shop and is ready to tell you what day it is. This time delivered in a timeless shade of classic blue. Suitable for your desk, worktop, or wherever the fuck you want. Contains...

Toss Stickers


Welcome to our first ever pack of Toss stickers. Perfect for livening up boring old shit lying around your house or office.

Work is Shit Book


Work is Shit Book Introducing a brand new collection of pin-sharp and totally hilarious work jokes from Modern Toss. This bang-up-to-date selection explores some of the technological advances which have managed to make work even more shit than it was before, while still acknowledging the more traditional ways that have always made work shit. Warning: Contains language actually used in...

Tossary of Terms Book


Welcome to Tossary of Terms, the first in an illustrated dictionary series produced by cult cartoonists Modern Toss. This book identifies and defines, with new words and phrases, a random pisspot of contemporary social phenomena which has so far gone unnamed.  The fast changing modern scene chucks up stuff faster than we can nail it down and label it. The...

Christmas Mood Book


Eighty pages of seasonal cartoon excellence! Contains a hand-picked selection of our greatest festive hits, trussed up in one bumper blowout book. Includes new cartoons!

Periodic Table A5 Notebook


Periodic Table of Swearing Notebook One of the 21st century's most cutting edge designs has been stuck on the cover of a notebook. The Periodic Table of Swearing contains over 100 swear elements including personal favourites, 'Stinks Like Piss', 'Who's The Prat In The Corner' and 'Stupid Cunt.' Perfect for taking notes in class or at work, while sneakily swearing...

Work Amazing Figures Notebook


Introducing the NEW range of Modern Toss Notebooks perfect for pretending to take notes at work, during class or in any awkward situation. Delivered across 64 crisp-white feint lined pages in a modern A6 format. Work Amazing Figures Notebook "these end of year figures are amazing" "yeah cheers, I fiddled around with them 'til they were bigger than last year's"

Ideas Meeting Mug


"don't think about it, just say it" "fuck you"   Comes in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter.

Work at Weekend Mug


"can you come in at the weekend?" "I'll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything."   Comes in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter.

Work Fuck Off Mug


“I can’t come in today, so fuck off.”   Comes with a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter. 

Periodic Table Mug


The Periodic Table of Swearing contains a comprehensive selection of the finest swearing insults and is now available on a mug for passive-aggressive tea drinking.   Modern Toss gift box included. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Periodic Table of Swearing Tea Towel


Periodic Table of Swearing Tea Towel The only tea-towel that will get you fluent in obscenity as well as drying your dishes. The Periodic Table of Swearing contains over 100 chemical swearing elements, grouped by category. 

Flies of the British Isles Tea Towel


2 FOR £20 ON ALL MUGS AND TEA TOWELS Flies of the British Isles Tea Towel Wipe the fuck out of your dishes with a Modern Toss tea towel.

Decade Book


'The Best Book Ever' – The Sunday Times Style Magazine  'You will shit yourself laughing.' – The Idler 'Already a contemporary cartoon classic.' – The Guardian 'No one captures the frustrations of modern British life more acutely, or scurrilously, than Modern Toss.' – The Independent This incredible collection documents the Modern Toss story from the very beginning, with 560pages and...

Seasonal Misfits Pack


Get a bundle of 7 New and Classic Christmas cards for £9.50 – saving over a six quid! Scroll through the images to the see the full collection. XMT47: Family Tree Card XMT66: Christmas Dinner Card XMT69: Tree Stylist Card XMT67: New Year Emoji Card XMT56: Seasonal Work Card XMT77: Christmas Cheer Wine Card XMT79: Seasonal Cutbacks Presents Card

Seasonal Cutbacks Presents Card


"I thought we were cutting back on presents this year?" "don't panic, I nicked this lot from next door"

Christmas Experience Card


"we're not doing the whole christmas present thing this year, we're gifting experiences?" "yeah Steve's gifted me the experience of watching him scrape the turkey fat off the baking tray"

Merry Christmas Holiday Card


"don't buy me anything expensive this year" "I wasn't going to, I'm going on holiday"

Christmas Cheer Wine Card


"the neighbours want to come round for a glass of wine" "tell 'em they can have the whole bottle if they stay where they are"

Card Pack Card


Card Pack Card "didn't you give us this card last year?" "yeah I bought a pack of 20"

Downton Abbey Card


Downton Abbey Card "d'you reckon we should dress for dinner?"

Spa Voucher Card


Spa Voucher Card "Someone bought me a spa treatment voucher for Christmas, can I spend it in your snack machine?"

Carol Singer Card


Carol Singer Card "I sang a carol earlier when you were out so I just popped back to pick up me cash"

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