Beer In Bed Card


Beer in Bed Card   "On Your Special Day"   Celebrate someone's birthday by bringing them a beer in bed. And this Stroller card. Sorted.

Birthday Present Card


Happy Birthday - Birthday Present Card   "didn't I give this to you for Christmas?" "yeah I didn't like it, happy birthday"

Book From Grandad Card


Book From Grandad Card   "look, Grandad's bought you a book." "how d'you turn it on?"  

Borrow 20 Quid Card


Happy Birthday - Borrow 20 Quid Card   "Dad can I borrow 20 quid to get you a birthday present?"  "How about if I just keep the 20 quid?"  "That works for me, happy birthday yeah!"   Keep it simple with a gift amnesty.

Do What You Want Card


Do What You Fucking Want Card "It's Your Special Day -  Do What You Fucking Want With it Yeah" A Stroller greetings card that captures the true spirit of celebration days: watching TV and doing fuck-all.

For a Special Lady Card


For a Special Lady Card   Because the lady loves... fags and wine in bed. The Special Lady design is also available as a coaster or a fridge magnet.

Go For It Yeah Card


Go For It Yeah Card "Happy Birthday - Go For It Yeah!" Boost a friend's body image with this encouraging Stroller birthday card.


Hurricane Card

£2.25 £1.00

Home-clubber - Hurricane Card   "Is that the weather centre? It's my mum's birthday coming up, how much would it cost to have a hurricane named after her? Ideally a category 2 or stronger."   Last editions available. This card will not be reprinted!

Moody Cunt Card


Moody Cunt Birthday Card "Happy Birthday You Moody Cunt" Send many happy returns of the day to the moody cunt in your life. Enough said.

Smells Like Money Card


Bodywork - Smells Like Money Card   "I need to chill out, got anything that smells like money?"

Special Day Dustbin Card


Special Day Dustbin Card   It's your special day. Sit around, have a little walkabout, drink some beer and honk your guts up into a dustbin. Classic.