Bullshitters Refreshers Card


"I see you took yesterday off for a 'bullshitter's refresher course" "yeah here's my expenses"

Work Retox Clinic Card


"I can't come back to work this week, I've had to book myself in the retox clinic"

Work Team Player Card


"hi sorry I'm late, I couldn't be fucked to get here any quicker"

Work Impressive Reference Card


"very impressive reference" "cheers, I wrote that"

Work Robot Card


"I'm worried about the effects of new technology on my work prospects" "Don't panic, we offered your job to a robot and he didn't want it"

The Working Day Colouring Book


The Working Day Colouring Book The Working Day colouring book captures the essence of the contemporary workplace while offering you the opportunity to express yourself through the relaxing medium of colouring in. Take some well-earned chill time and immerse yourself in the fractal complexity of a man flagging an important email, someone taking an afternoon Malteser break, a group of workers looking at meal deal options in...

Best of Work Book


Best of Work Book Eighty pages of bang-on-the-nose cartoons set in the contemporary workplace, featuring the very best from the Modern Toss Work cartoon collection. An indispensable manual of job jokes,whether you've got a job, lost a job, or are just sitting around thinking about getting one. Includes Work cartoons as well as choice selections from the comics, the More...


Desperate Business Book

£7.99 £3.99

Desperate Business Book Laugh in the face of global economic meltdown and double dip recession with Desperate Business, a hilarious collection from cult satirical cartoonists Modern Toss. Sixty-four pages of laugh-out-loud, cutting edge gags plucked fresh from their regular slot in Britain's greatest magazine, Private Eye. Celebrate our national entrepreneurial spirit with this must-have humour compendium.

Work at Weekend Mug


 2 FOR £20 ON ALL MUGS! "can you come in at the weekend?" "I'll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything."   Comes in a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter.

Work Fuck Off Mug


 2 FOR £20 ON ALL MUGS! “I can’t come in today, so fuck off.”   Comes with a gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 9.5cm height x 8.5cm diameter. 


Work Bored T-Shirt (Small)

£25.00 £17.50

Work Bored T-Shirt "I think I'll go home, I'm a bit bored"    Available in Small (50cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm), Extra Large (60cm). 100% Cotton. Made in UK with Continental Clothing t-shirts.   See our new and improved returns system here.

Work Card Bundle


Cards from our best selling collection as a bundle, at more than half price! Here are the Work cards included: Work Bi-Lingual Card Lap Dancing Card Webcam Card Narcissist Boss Card Work Bored Card Pencil Twitter Card 6 Months Off Card When they're gone, they're gone!

Work Amazing Figures Card


"these end of year figures are amazing" "yeah cheers, I fiddled around with them 'til they were bigger than last year's"

Work Biscuits Card


"right Steve, come on what are you bringing to the table?" "I brought the biscuits?"

Work Dress Code Card


"We don't have a dress code as such, but I would appreciate it if you could tone it down a bit"  

Work at the Weekend Card


"Can you come in at the weekend?" "̏'ll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything"

Work Shit Meself Card


"If I shit meself can I go home?"

Specific Time Card


"Whoa hang on, so the deal as you see it is - I have to come in almost everyday at a specific time?" The harsh reality of working life dawns on a new recruit.

Busiest Week Card


"I see you've applied for time off during our busiest week." "yeah, hopefully you'll have everything done by the time I get back." A productivity-boosting work-themed greetings card for the lazy tosser in your life.

Executive Burnout Card


"several clients have complained about receiving emails from a 'mistershits@pisscompany.com'" "yeah that'll be me working from home after a few drinks"

Water Cooler Card


"Good weekend?" "Yeah I'm still off my fucking tits." Monday morning work conversations all around the world typified in this Modern Toss card.

Dog at Work Card


"you can't bring a dog into work" "er hello? He's not actually working"" Fair point really.  

Work Bored Card


"I think I'll go home, I'm a bit bored" Why not? It's your life?

Work Fuck Off Card


"I can't come in today so fuck off" Can't decide whether to call in sick of quit your job? This one works both ways yeah?