Drive By Poetry Book


NEW! Hardback Collection of Drive By Abuser Poetry, happily tackling any subject in the world and making some sense of it. Alright? Thumbing through a book yeah? Admiring its epic sweep? Must be a classic. I should know, I fucking wrote it.

Work is Shit Book


Work is Shit Book Introducing a brand new collection of pin-sharp and totally hilarious work jokes from Modern Toss. This bang-up-to-date selection explores some of the technological advances which have managed to make work even more shit than it was before, while still acknowledging the more traditional ways that have always made work shit. Warning: Contains language actually used in...

Tossary of Terms Book


Welcome to Tossary of Terms, the first illustrated dictionary series by Modern Toss. This book identifies and defines, with new words and phrases, a random pisspot of contemporary social phenomena which has so far gone unnamed.  The fast changing modern scene chucks up stuff faster than we can nail it down and label it. The ear grease on a smart...

Decade Book


'The Best Book Ever' – The Sunday Times Style Magazine  'You will shit yourself laughing.' – The Idler 'Already a contemporary cartoon classic.' – The Guardian 'No one captures the frustrations of modern British life more acutely, or scurrilously, than Modern Toss.' – The Independent SOLD OUT! This incredible collection documents the Modern Toss story from the very beginning, with...


The Weekend Colouring Book

£10.99 £7.99

The Weekend Colouring Book Express your end-of-week frustrations by colouring in images depicting the joys of Saturday supermarket shopping, botched DIY projects, attending children’s sports games, visiting the in-laws, buying a takeaway and going out on the lash - the perfect catharsis in preparation for the looming spectre of Monday morning The Weekend colouring book captures the pleasures, challenges, and ridiculousness of...


The Working Day Colouring Book

£10.99 £7.99

The Working Day Colouring Book The Working Day colouring book captures the essence of the contemporary workplace while offering you the opportunity to express yourself through the relaxing medium of colouring in. Take some well-earned chill time and immerse yourself in the fractal complexity of a man flagging an important email, someone taking an afternoon Malteser break, a group of workers looking at meal deal options in...

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 10


Comic 10: Shit for Brains Introducing the 10th comic from Modern Toss - a brand new 64-page collection of single panel jokes covering a range of topics from retail to relationships and featuring classic cartoons from all the favourites: Work, Cheese & Wine and Awkward Cunt. Plus brand new hilarity from Liberty Taker, Legal Longshots, and Pete Peters.     ...

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 8


Comic 8 - Route One Bollocks ‘Route One Bollocks’ is the eighth Modern Toss comic, with a classic Neapolitan ice cream colour scheme. Really gets your tastebuds pinging about. Sixty-four pages of stripped down, single panel, laugh out loud cartoons. Includes new classics from Drive-by Abuser, Work, Cheese & Wine and debut strips from Casual Labour, Priority Pervert and Legal Highz.

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 7


Modern Toss Comic - Issue 7 The seventh comic in a highly irregular series banged out by cult cartoon swear masters Modern Toss. Featuring all your favourites in it, including pathological party chit chat from Cheese & Wine, Mr. T's unique take on cupcake entrepreneurs, and demented scamp Alan who, this time round, empties an improvised shitpipe on an arts festival....

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 6


Comic 6 - Le Travail C'est la Merde Modern Toss Issue 6 - the comic equivalent of poking modern life with a sharp stick. This paperback collection features Modern Toss classics such as Fly Talk and Alan, along with previously unseen strips like Experimental Greetings Cards.

Modern Toss Comic - Issue 9


Comic 9: 'Fucking Arseholes Anonymous' Comic 9 is a 64-page collection including brand new classic cartoons from Cheese & Wine, Work, Drive-by Abuser, and Customer Services. Plus new appearances from Bacon Cancer, Quiet Zone, Towel Sculptor and Random Fucking Internment Camp.    

Modern Toss Comic Issue 4


Modern Toss Comic Issue 4 Keep bang up to date with it. This product is no longer available to order.  

Modern Toss Comic Issue 3


Modern Toss Comic Issue 3 The stink of excellence in a world gone tits up. This product is no longer available to order.

Modern Toss Comic Issue 2


Modern Toss Comic Issue 2 Sit back and enjoy all the early classics .. ! This product is no longer available to order.  

Modern Toss Comic Issue 1


Modern Toss Comic Issue 1 Sit back and enjoy all the early classics .. ! This product is no longer available to order.

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