Ideas Meeting Bookmark


Ideas Meeting Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'don't think about it, just say it!' 'fuck you'

Punctuation Can't Be Fucked Bookmark


Punctuation Can't Be Fucked Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'People used to use me to partially obscure swearwords, but it seems like they can't be fucked anymore.' 'Luck of the drawer mate, I was long term unemployed until some block invented email.'

Customer Services Bookmark


Customer Services Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'this book I bought off you, is fucking shit'

Punctuation Legal Problems Bookmark


Punctuation Legal Problems Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'Better be careful where we stand I don't want any legal problems.'

Grandad Book Bookmark


Grandad Book Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'look Grandad's bought you a book' 'how'd you turn it on?'

Brow Bar Bookmark


Brow Bar Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'I've got a big meeting coming up, can you make me look I'm really interested'

Sign Up Don't Turn Up Bookmark


Sign Up Don't Turn Up Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'Do you do a 'Sign Up, Don't Turn Up' package?'

Work at Weekend Bookmark


Work at Weekend Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'can you come in at the weekend?' 'I'll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything'

Punctuation Paris Hat Bookmark


Punctuation Paris Hat Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'I love your hat.' 'Thanks, I picked it up in Paris.' 'Any food left? I always turn up at the end?'

Punctuation What Do You Do Bookmark


Punctuation What Do You Do Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'And what do you do?' 'Traditionally, I indicate an elaboration of something that went just before me, but since texting came along I've been doing a lot of work with the old end bracket here.' 'Yeah we've been run off our feet lately, people can't leave us alone.'

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