Drive-by Abuser: Texting


Drive-by Abuser: Texting Letterpress - online exclusive. Signed, stamped and numbered.

Greeting Pipe


Greeting Pipe Letterpress - FOMT members exclusive Signed and numbered.

Indecent Proposal Letterpress


Indecent Proposal Letterpress - FOMT members exclusive. Last one available. Signed and numbered.

Weekend Remote Control


Weekend Remote Control Letterpress  Last few left. Signed and numbered.

Cheese & Wine: Gerry Shit Himself


Cheese & Wine: Gerry Shit Himself Letterpress - FOMT members exclusive. Last two available. Signed and numbered.

Partridge in the Swear Tree


Partridge in the Swear Tree Letterpress Last few available. Signed, stamped and numbered.

Master Signwriter What are You?


Master Signwriter What are You? Letterpress - FOMT members exclusive. Last few left. Signed, stamped and AP/numbered.

Cheese & Wine: Read My Sign


Cheese & Wine: Read My Sign Letterpress - FOMT members exclusive Last one available. Numbered and Signed.

Lumphammer: Job Creation Scheme


Lumphammer 'Job Creation Scheme’ Letterpress print. Printed in 2010,  signed and numbered. Dimensions 210mm 150mm.  

Stoller Jacket on Chair- A4 Letterpress Print


'Before lunch I leave my jacket on my chair, so if I decide not to come back people think I’m still around somewhere.'A poignant comment on the redundancy of the contemporary workplace and it's inability to crush the indomitable human spirit. Based on a true life incident involving a bloke who was very organised about bunking off. Three colour letterpress....

Stoller Walk to Work- A3 Letterpress Print


'As I get nearer to my place of work I totally clear my mind until there's fuck all in it'.   Three colour letterpress. Edition of 20. Signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.   Medium: Ink on paper.   Dimensions: 29.7cm x 42cm (A3)

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