Disruption Techniques Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Disruption Techniques Card "he's very strong at disruption techniques"

Plants on Desk Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Plants on Desk Card "we have a 'no plants on desk' rule" "it's actually made of plastic?"

Boring Meeting Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Boring Meeting Card "ok if I look at my phone for a bit, this meeting's boring the fuck out of me"

Water Cooler Bat Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Water Cooler Bat Card "what did you do at the weekend?" "I smashed my house up with a bat"

Bonus Department Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Bonus Department Card "I got this work finished quicker than normal, what way is it to the bonus department?"

Over Confident Applicant Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Over Confident Applicant Card "well I think that went really well" "cheers nice one mate, let's all go out and get fucking wankered yeah"

Getting Home Early Card


Introducing 15 new Modern Toss cards... Getting Home Early Card "ok what does success look like to everyone?" "getting home early?"

Multi-tasking Card


"What are you like at multi-tasking? "Pretty good. I often read the paper while I'm having a shit."

Work Motivational Poster Card


"give us a hand putting this motivational poster up" "sorry mate I'm due an electronic fag break"


Narcissist Boss Card

£2.25 £1.00

"Anyway, cheers for all your hard work and here's a little something from me"

Bullshitters Refreshers Card


"I see you took yesterday off for a 'bullshitter's refresher course" "yeah here's my expenses"

Work Retox Clinic Card


"I can't come back to work this week, I've had to book myself in the retox clinic"

Work Team Player Card


"hi sorry I'm late, I couldn't be fucked to get here any quicker"

Work Impressive Reference Card


"very impressive reference" "cheers, I wrote that"

Work Robot Card


"I'm worried about the effects of new technology on my work prospects" "Don't panic, we offered your job to a robot and he didn't want it"

Lap Dancing Card


"Ahh now I see from your CV you've got tap dancing down as a hobby""Yeah that's actually lap dancing, I can't type for shit"First rule of interviews: focus on your strengths. An inspiring card for jobseekers.

Appraisal Cunts Upstairs Card


"we would like to point out to you that it's highly unprofessional to refer to us as 'the cunts upstairs' when sending out emails to our client database" "Fair enough, rules are rules"

One Bar Signal Card


"Congratulations you've got the job!" "I dunno if I can work here, I'm only getting one bar on me phone"   Priorities, innit?

Successful Idea Card


"Here's an idea, why don't we just do stuff that's going to be really massively successful?" Why think outside the box, when you don't have to think at all?    

Birthday Day Off Card


"I see you've applied for a day off on your birthday" "yeah, imagine being stuck in this shithole on your birthday" An apt birthday card for a colleague, employee, boss, or anyone who's used up all their holiday time and are feeling sorry for themselves.  

Customer Feedback Card


"great to get all this feedback off our new customer forum" "yeah I had no idea we were such a shit company"  

Work Fuck Off Card


"I can't come in today so fuck off" Can't decide whether to call in sick of quit your job? This one works both ways yeah?  

Work Bored Card


"I think I'll go home, I'm a bit bored" Why not? It's your life?

Line Manager Card


"how are you getting on with your new line manager? "he's a fucking cunt" Got a new boss? Why not buy them a card to welcome them to their new position?

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