Brow Bar Bookmark


Brow Bar Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'I've got a big meeting coming up, can you make me look I'm really interested'

Customer Services Bookmark


Customer Services Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'this book I bought off you, is fucking shit'

Grandad Book Bookmark


Grandad Book Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'look Grandad's bought you a book' 'how'd you turn it on?'

Ideas Meeting Bookmark


Ideas Meeting Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'don't think about it, just say it!' 'fuck you'

Punctuation Can't Be Fucked Bookmark


Punctuation Can't Be Fucked Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'People used to use me to partially obscure swearwords, but it seems like they can't be fucked anymore.' 'Luck of the drawer mate, I was long term unemployed until some block invented email.'

Punctuation Legal Problems Bookmark


Punctuation Legal Problems Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'Better be careful where we stand I don't want any legal problems.'

Punctuation Paris Hat Bookmark


Punctuation Paris Hat Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'I love your hat.' 'Thanks, I picked it up in Paris.' 'Any food left? I always turn up at the end?'

Punctuation What Do You Do Bookmark


Punctuation What Do You Do Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'And what do you do?' 'Traditionally, I indicate an elaboration of something that went just before me, but since texting came along I've been doing a lot of work with the old end bracket here.' 'Yeah we've been run off our feet lately, people can't leave us alone.'

Sign Up Don't Turn Up Bookmark


Sign Up Don't Turn Up Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'Do you do a 'Sign Up, Don't Turn Up' package?'

Work at Weekend Bookmark


Work at Weekend Bookmark - It's magnetic yeah? 'can you come in at the weekend?' 'I'll come in but I'm not fucking doing anything'

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