Bored as Arseholes Coaster


"I see from your afternoon tweet that you’re 'bored as fucking arseholes" “yeah cheers, I didn’t know you were following me”  

Data Analyst Coaster


"this spreadsheet of yours doesn't appear to make any sense" "yeah it's bollocks innit"  

Dog at Work Coaster


"you can't bring a dog into work." "er hello? he's not actually working."  

Ideas Meeting Coaster


"don't think about it, just say it" "fuck you"  

Line Manager Coaster


“how are you getting on with your new line manager?” “he’s a fucking cunt.”

Successful Idea Coaster


“Here’s an idea, why don’t we just do stuff that’s really massively successful?”  

Work Biscuits Coaster


"right Steve, come on what are you bringing to the table?" "I brought the biscuits?"  

Work from Home Coaster


"we've decided we'd like you to work from home, preferably for someone else."  

Work Fuck Off Coaster


"I can't come in today so fuck off."  

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