Cheese & Wine: Read My Sign Letterpress


Cheese & Wine: Read My Sign Letterpress Rare, hand-drawn and letterpress print. Last one available. Numbered and Signed.

Drive-by Abuser: Texting Letterpress


Drive-by Abuser: Texting Letterpress - online exclusive. Rare, hand letter-pressed print. Signed, stamped and numbered.

Greeting Pipe Letterpress Print


Greeting Pipe Letterpress  Rare, hand-drawn and letterpress print. Signed and numbered.

Indecent Proposal Letterpress


Indecent Proposal Letterpress  Rare, hand-drawn and letterpress print. Last one available. Signed and numbered.

Lumphammer Letterpress Print


Lumphammer 'Job Creation Scheme’ Letterpress print. Printed in 2010. Signed and numbered. Dimensions 210mm 150mm.  

Remote Control Letterpress Print


Weekend Remote Control Letterpress  Rare. Hand drawn with a pencil in 2010, with letterpress captions. Last few left. Signed and numbered.

Swear Tree Letterpress Print


Partridge in a Swear Tree Letterpress Hand-printed A5 size print. Last few available. Signed, stamped and numbered.

What are You? Letterpress Print


Master Signwriter What are You? Letterpress  Last few left. Signed, stamped and AP/numbered.

Work Fuck Off- Letterpress Print


A brand new selection of spicy bitesize classics, handprinted by the artists in small as fuck editions. A two colour letterpress in an edition 15. This is easily the most famous work piece. Signed and stamped by the artist.   Medium: Hand-torn, heavy weight paper Dimensions: 21cm x 14.8cm ONLY ONE LEFT FROM EDITION

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